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With over 70% of all internet searches occurring on Google, utilizing all available features is a win for marketing availability. Through the Google My Business Listing and the Knowledge Panel, marketing availability has never been easier. Google offers a “Google Posts'' feature perfect for marketing availability with details like the special offer, unit location, date availability, and much more. Google Posts also include a shareable component, which opens the door up for additional traffic and exposure to other prospects looking for an apartment.

Since Google Posts are only visible for a specific time, Google Products is another feature on the Google My Business and Knowledge Panel that we take advantage of. Being a static feature, it is effective for marketing availability and all things to know about the controlled and updated community weekly. When it comes to promoting the community's availability, utilizing the features offered by Google is a worthy investment. Google Marketing is an excellent complement to the SEO Program, the Community Online Presence Program, and Google Paid Ads that ensure we will not miss a prospect that will increase ROI. Learn how we can utilize Google Marketing for your apartment community today.

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